Black Aluminium Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

Introducing our Black Aluminium Solar Panel Mounting Brackets, the ideal solution for securely fastening your glass-fixed solar panels. Constructed from robust yet lightweight aluminium, these brackets ensure a secure fit for your solar energy setup.

Included Hardware

Our solar panel brackets come complete with all necessary hardware for a seamless installation, including 4 stainless bolts, washers and nuts and 16 black tech screws.

Requires adhesive such as Sikaflex or Fix15.

Easy Installation Process

The installation process for our solar panel mounting brackets is as follows:

  1. Position the brackets to your solar panel.
  2. Mark and pre-drill holes OR attach brackets using the bolts, if using bolts, skip step 3.
  3. Attach brackets to the solar panel with the tech screws
  4. Position the panel on the roof or other substrate and mark the locations for the holes.
  5. Pre-drill the marked locations.
  6. Clean both the bracket and substrate using iso-propyl alcohol until thoroughly clean and dry.
  7. Apply an appropriate adhesive to completely cover the underside of the bracket.
  8. Securely screw the bracket in place.
  9. Optionally cover the base of the bracket and tops of screws with additional adhesive for a secure solar panel installation.

Future Solar Panel Removal Made Easy

The kit includes 8 tech screws for mounting into the roof and 8 for mounting into the solar panel. This design allows for easy future solar panel removal while ensuring a strong, durable mount. Please note that pre-drilling the solar panel is required.

Reliable Solar Panel Mounting Solution

Our Black Aluminium Solar Panel Mounting Brackets provide a dependable, long-lasting solution for your solar panel mounting needs, enhancing the efficiency and security of your solar energy setup.


Periodically check the solar panel attachment to ensure adhesive integrity and secure bolt/screw attachment.

Warranty Statement

Exotronic warranties its accessories to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of the authorised dealer's invoice to the original purchaser. This warranty is applicable for mobile and marine applications, provided that:

  • The product is correctly installed and used under normal operating conditions for which it was intended.
  • All warranty claims are received by an authorised Exotronic Dealer and approved by Exotronic.

Exotronic reserves the right to repair, replace, refund, or compensate for any decrease in value due to a defect.


  • Product: Black Aluminium Solar Panel Mounting Brackets
  • Material: Electrophoretic Aluminium, Stainless Steel Bolts
  • Color: Black
  • Included Hardware:
    • 4x Black Brackets
    • 4x M6 20mm Bolts
    • 4x M6 Washers
    • 4x M6 Spring Washers
    • 4x M6 Nuts
    • 16x 25mm 12G Black Tech Screws 3/8 Head
  • Installation: Requires pre-drilling and adhesive (such as Sikaflex or Fix15)
  • Unique Feature: Design allows for easy future panel removal
  • Compatibility: Ideal for glass-fixed/rigid solar panels
  • Maintenance: Regular checks advised for adhesive integrity and secure bolt/screw attachment