Black Solar Panel ABS Plastic Corner and Mid Brackets

Enhance the stability and durability of your vehicle’s solar setup with our premium quality White Solar Panel ABS Plastic Corner and Mid Brackets. These heavy-duty brackets are specifically designed to securely mount glass or rigid solar panels to the roof of your vehicle, ensuring a robust and reliable installation.

Key Features:

  1. Heavy-Duty Construction: Made from high-strength ABS plastic, these brackets are built to withstand the rigors of road travel, including normal operation, emergency braking, and even in the unlikely event of a collision.

  2. Versatile Compatibility: Whether you're using smaller panels or larger ones, our brackets come in a variety of sizes. For larger panels, it is recommended to position the brackets 10 to 20% in from the corners of the panel on the lengthwise sides, and approximately 1-cell in from the corners on the shorter sides.

  3. Secure Fixing: Adhering to the Australian and New Zealand standard AS5033, we recommend a dual approach of adhesive and screws for attachment. This method significantly reduces stress on the panel while ensuring maximum hold.

  4. Adhesive and Screw Installation: Use the provided screws to affix the panel to the brackets. For optimal adherence, clean the substrate and brackets with isopropyl or methylated spirits. Apply Fix15, marine Sikaflex, or a suitable MS polymer as an adhesive, allowing it to cure fully to accommodate any surface unevenness.

  5. Stress-Free Installation: The installation process is designed to minimize stress on the mounting. Drill clearance holes in the bracket, fill with adhesive, and drive the tek screw into the mounting surface, ensuring a small gap is maintained for the adhesive to fill.

  6. Customizable Lengths: While the brackets are available in standard lengths, they can be cut to suit specific requirements for a more tailored fit.

Important Notes:

  • Roof surfaces may need reinforcement or alternative fasteners such as toggle screws to meet the requirements of AS5033.

With our White Solar Panel ABS Plastic Corner and Mid Brackets, secure your solar panels with confidence, knowing that you have a robust, compliant, and stress-free installation.