MPPT With Voltage Boost Solar Charge Controllers

We stock the industry's best and most efficient voltage boost solar charge controllers.  Genasun controllers boost lower-voltage solar panels up to charge higher-voltage lead-acid batteries up to 48V nominal.

Most solar charge controllers move power from a higher voltage panel to a lower voltage battery bank.  The GVB-series controllers, in contrast, pump electricity up-hill. These controllers will take a lower voltage panel and boost the voltage to charge a 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V battery pack.

Made in the USA, these controllers have:

  • High speed MPPT - adapting to changing light conditions 15 times every second;
  • Micro-processor controlled, temperature-compensated 3-stage battery charging;
  • Mission-Critical Reliability - each controller is put through complete electrical testing to ensure reliability

They are lightweight, small, with waterproof options making them suitable for any small or mobile device that runs off high voltage batteries:

  • Electric bicycles (e-bikes)
  • Mobility scooters
  • Electric carts such as used for golf, hospitality, industry, etc
  • Electric fork-lifts
  • Fixed installations such as pool lifts 
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