Streamline Your Cable Management with the 2 Gland Black Cable Entry Cover

Weatherproof Design for Marine and RV Use

Secure your cables in style with our 2 Gland Cable Entry Cover, crafted from lightweight ABS for a durable yet discreet profile. Engineered to withstand the elements, this IP66 waterproof cover is an excellent choice for both marine and RV enthusiasts who demand both functionality and a sleek finish.

Strong UV Stability for Long-Lasting Performance

This entry cover is not only designed to protect against water ingress but also offers strong resistance to UV radiation, ensuring it remains intact and functional through varying weather conditions. Whether mounted on the roof or the side wall, it maintains its integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Versatile Fit for a Range of Cable Sizes

Suitable for all cable types with diameters ranging from 6mm to 12mm, our cable entry cover provides a snug fit for a broad spectrum of wiring needs. It's the universal solution for keeping cables organized and secure.

Conceals and Protects with a Low Profile

Beyond its protective features, the 2 Gland Cable Entry Cover serves to conceal entry holes, offering a clean and tidy appearance while guarding against potential leaks. Its low profile ensures that it doesn't protrude unnecessarily, preserving the streamlined look of your setup.

Effortless Installation for a Secure Setup

Installing this cable entry cover is a breeze, and it seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, complementing the design of your RV or boat without compromising on protection.

Choose the 2 Gland Black Cable Entry Cover for a robust, low-profile solution to cable management that stands up to the challenges of outdoor adventures.