Waterproof Solar Charge Controllers

Lightweight and durable, Genasun brand waterproof MPPT solar charge controllers are designed for mobile, urban, and harsh environmental conditions. From the South Pacific to the Arctic Circle, they power your system through all conditions.  Trusted at sea on any vessel.

These state of the art controllers can keep your lithium or lead acid batteries topped up in even the harshest climates.  With a Class I Division 2 classification even hazardous environmental conditions won't stand in the way of keeping your systems running.

No Fans.  No Relays.  Fewer moving parts to wear out.  Fans get clogged with dust and dirt and relays cn eventually stop switching. Genasun controllers use advanced electrical design that obsoletes these parts. 

With an FCC-rated, low EMI controllers, your radios will hear everything the first time, even while your chargers are going full speed ahead. We deliver reliable, high efficiency charging without disrupting your communications or other sensing equipment.

  • Waterproof IP68
  • 99% Peak Efficiency
  • Advanced electronic protections
  • Continuous MPPT
  • 5 Year Warranty
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