For use with:  Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator


  • 8m cable with Superseal 1.5 to mate with ""blue covered"" connector on WS500 loom.   8mm ""eye"" lug for attachment to battery terminal or alternator.  

Note, if 8m cable is too long, a 3m cable version is also available:

The sensor is the same for both the battery and alternator.

1. Battery temperature sensor:  Essential for proper charge control in lead-acid and non CAN-enabled LiFeP04 battery technologies, the WS500/BT temperature sensor enables the regulator to access battery temperature to assist in temperature compensation when determining charging calculations. The battery temperature sensor is also an important component to protect against damage due to charging outside of safe temperature setpoints.

2. Alternator temperature sensor:  Is required so that the regulator can reduce the alternator current as needed so that the temperature of the alternator does not exceed the maximum permitted temperature.  Bolt the sensor onto the casing, preferably at the manufacturer designed location (threaded bolt  or stud).

1 year