For use with:  Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator


  • 0.3m cable with Superseal 1.5 to mate with the battery or alternator temperature connector on WS500 loom.   8mm ""eye"" lug for attachment to battery terminal or placement at the battery or alternator.  

Note, if 0.3m cable is insufficient, a 3m and 8m alternatives are also available, otherwise the cable can be cut and additional cable spliced in or cable length reduced.

A battery temperature sensor is essential for proper charge control in lead-acid batteries and ensure that for non CAN-enabled LiFeP04 batteries charging only occurs below the set maximum charging temperature.  (for CAN enabled LiFePO4 batteries the BMS can be set to protect the battery).

An alternator temperature sensor is needed so that the regulator can, when needed, reduce the current output of the alternator to prevent overheating.  The risk of overheating is most likely in lithium battery systems as they take maximum charge current for a lot longer than the same amp-hour capacity lead-acid batteries

1 year