Genuine 120A Grey Anderson Plug Connector with 2AWG/2B&S Contacts

Elevate your high-current applications with the Anderson SB120 Plug Kit 2 Way Grey, a robust connector solution designed to streamline power in demanding environments. Featuring the model number 6800G1, this kit comes complete with a grey housing and contacts suitable for 2AWG wire, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of wire sizes from 13.3mm² to 42.4mm².

Product Features:

  • High Current Capacity: With a 120 Amp rating, this plug kit is capable of handling intensive power requirements, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  • Versatile Wire Compatibility: The contacts are designed to accommodate wire sizes ranging from 13.3mm² to 42.4mm², offering flexibility in various installation scenarios.
  • Rated for High Voltage: Safe operation is assured with a 600 Volt rating, catering to a broad spectrum of electrical systems.
  • Durable Construction: The grey housing not only gives the plug a neutral and professional appearance but is also built to withstand the rigors of extensive use.
  • Wide Application Range: Commonly used in telecommunications infrastructure and vehicle charging or jumpstart applications, this plug kit is a reliable choice for industry professionals.
  • Color Variants Available: To support various coding requirements and personal preferences, the 120 Amp Anderson plug kits are also available in red, black, and blue.

Please Note: The wire size and color-coding adherence are critical for safe and efficient operation. Ensure compatibility and follow all safety guidelines during installation.

Whether for charging stations, power backups, or telecommunications, the Anderson SB120 Plug Kit is a premium choice, offering both versatility and durability in one package.


Amperage Rating: 50.1 - 150.0A
Colour: Grey
Contact Gender: Genderless
Contact Plating: Silver
Contacts Supplied: Yes
Housing Material: Polycarbonate
Positions: 2
RoHS: Yes
Wire Size (AWG): 6
Wire Size (mm²): 5.01 - 20.00mm2