Genuine Anderson Power Products 50A Blue Anderson Plug Connector with 6B&S/6AWG Contacts

Introducing the Genuine 50A Blue Anderson Plug Connector with 6B&S Contacts from Anderson Power Products - a reliable and efficient solution for your power connection needs.

This connector is designed to handle high current applications, making it a perfect choice for heavy-duty equipment. With a 50A current rating, it ensures a steady and robust power supply for your devices. The blue color coding helps to prevent accidental cross-connection with other Anderson plugs of different ratings, adding an extra layer of safety to your setup.

The Anderson Plug Connector comes equipped with 6B&S Contacts, known for their superior conductivity and durability. These contacts are designed to handle high current loads efficiently, reducing the risk of overheating and ensuring a stable connection at all times.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the 50A Blue Anderson Plug Connector is built to last. It offers a secure and reliable connection, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The connector's design allows for quick and easy connection and disconnection, making it a convenient choice for various applications.

Whether you're setting up a solar power system, an electric vehicle charging station, or any other high-current application, the Genuine 50A Blue Anderson Plug Connector with 6B&S Contacts is an essential component that guarantees reliable and efficient operation. Trust in the quality and performance of Anderson Power Products to power your devices securely and efficiently.


General Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Anderson Power Products
  • Product Type: Plug Connector
  • Color: Blue
  • Housing Material: Polycarbonate
  • Positions: 2
  • RoHS: Yes

Electrical Specifications

  • Amperage Rating: 50A
  • Contact Gender: Genderless
  • Contact Plating: Silver
  • Contacts Supplied: Yes
  • Wire Size (AWG): 6
  • Wire Size (mm²): 5.01 - 20.00mm2


  • UL Rated for Hot Plugging up to 50 Amps
  • Great for battery or other applications where the ability to interrupt circuits is required
  • Equipped with 6B&S Contacts for superior conductivity and durability


  • Portable solar charging systems
  • Camping, caravan, 4X4 and other applications where a reliable, rugged, affordable power connection is needed