The REC Wi-Fi module is a device that connects to REC BMS devices via RS-485 and connects to an existing WI-FI network or sets up its own. Battery pack parameters such as cell voltages, current, temperatures, state of charge and state of health are displayed.

General tab is used to display important parameters while dedicated tabs can be used to display advanced battery pack information.

An alarm pop-up sign informs the user in case of any system error or alarm, containing its diagnostics.

Charging tab enables the user to set charging voltage and current.

Parameters and error logging interval can be set in the Settings tab–application logs all battery parameters and makes 24 h based folders on the build-in SD memory card. Data can be easily transferred to any connected device for further analysis.

It fully substitutes PC Software BMS Master Control or BLE module. As an addition LCD touch display for REC BMS can also be used at the same time as an extension to the system design.

The latest manual is available here: REC_WIFI_MANUAL.  In all cases contact Solar 4 RVs for any advice or further information.





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