NOTE: The clock does not contain an internal battery, the unit is powered directly from vehicle battery.

This interesting unit combination consists of a 3-stage thermometer and precise crystal clock supplied by the vehicle’s board mains. A special feature is the low current consumption of the unit, as well as the large LCD display, which can be read very conveniently, even from a distance. The white background illumination of the display ensures good legibility, even with unfavourable lighting conditions. The thermometer part measures the room temperature by means of an integrated sensor. Furthermore, an external remote measurement by the supplied external sensor is possible. It can be installed below the front bumper of the vehicle to detect the outside temperature. A further external measuring input 3 is outstandingly suitable for supervision of the stored medication, refrigerator boxes or heat boxes etc. With a measuring scale of 0.1 °C, the measuring ranges of all sensors are -30 °C to +80 °C. The clock part shows minutes and hours in 24 hours format, as well as the flashing colon for operational check. The weekday is displayed in the lower row. The high-accuracy clock is equipped with a power reserve against voltage loss.

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