Part number: GSM900100100
Mounting option: Screw Mount
Cable Type: Rg-316
Cable Length: 0.25 m
Connector: SMA Male Straight
Frequencies: 800/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz
Signal Gain: 3 dbi

Enhance your connectivity with the Victron Outdoor 4G GSM Antenna, a pivotal addition to your GX GSM system designed to ensure that you stay connected. This antenna is crafted for easy installation, requiring just a simple screw mount to secure it to your desired outdoor location. Its compact design includes a 0.25-meter cable that's both durable and discreet, making it a seamless fit for any setting.

The antenna's capabilities are broad, with multi-band frequency support to keep your connection stable over various common mobile bands, ensuring that your GX GSM system captures every possible signal in the vicinity. With a 3 dbi signal gain, this antenna doesn't just connect you – it enhances the signal strength, providing a clear, uninterrupted link to your network.

Whether you're looking to maintain a reliable connection for monitoring your systems or just ensuring that you're never out of reach, the Victron Outdoor Antenna is your gateway to better, more reliable communications.