1. Introduction and usage

This document is the manual for the 3 phase max 65A per phase Energy Meter.

The Energy Meter can be used to:

  1. Grid meter, and used as control input for an ESS System (1).
  2. Measure the output of a PV Inverter
  3. Measure the output of a AC Genset

The meter is connected to the Color Control GX. There are two options in its wiring:


  1. Direct connection, either using the RS485 to USB interface with 1.8m cable length, or the 5.0m cable.
  2. Wireless connection via Zigbee

When used to measure a PV Inverter, terminals 1, 2 and 3 should face the PV inverter to ensure correct direction of current and power.

Single phase dual function diagram:

In this diagram, a single meter is used to both measure the grid and a single phase PV Inverter



On the CCGX go to the grid meter in the Wired AC sensor settings. Make sure 'Phase type' is set to 'Single phase' and 'PV inverter on phase 2' is enabled.



Wired connection to CCGX

Connect the Energy Meter to the CCGX using the USB to RS485 cable. The RS485 to USB interface cable between the CCGX and the Energy Meter can be extended up to 100 meters; make sure that the extensions of the Data+ (orange) and Data- (yellow) wires form a twisted pair.

RS485 Converter Energy meter
Yellow (Data-) Terminal 9
Orange (Data+) Terminal 8
Black (GND) Terminal 10

The red, green and brown wire coming out of the USB to RS485 cable are not used.