Noark 40A 2-Pole 360V Non-polarised DC Solar MCB: Superior DC Circuit Breaker for Solar Applications

Elevate the safety and efficiency of your solar energy systems with the Noark Ex9BP-N2P, a top-tier range of DC circuit breakers, perfectly aligned with SAA standards. This product is an ideal choice for PV applications, providing reliability and performance across various amperages, including the popular 63A specification.

Versatile Voltage Compatibility for Solar Setups - Designed for up to 360V Systems

This DC circuit breaker is specifically engineered for 360V (2-pole) systems, ensuring broad compatibility with a diverse array of solar setups.

Non-Polarised Design: Flexibility and Ease of Use

The non-polarised nature of these circuit breakers makes them incredibly flexible and user-friendly, suitable for different wiring layouts in solar energy systems.

Robust Protection with Curve K - Enhanced Impact-Resistant Current Capability

The Curve K Protection feature safeguards against high PV module perceptual loads and photovoltaic line systems.

Adherence to Certified Safety Standards - Compliance with IEC/EN/AS60947-2, GB14048.2, and SAA101238EA

These standards underscore the circuit breaker's commitment to safety and reliability in solar energy management.

Optimized for Various Solar Energy Applications - Ideal for Solar Isolation Switches

This circuit breaker is optimized for applications in boats, caravans, RVs, off-grid homes, and industrial solar projects.

Compliance with AS/NZS 3001.2:2022 Standards - Meeting Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards

The Noark Ex9BP-N2P series meets the latest AS/NZS 3001.2:2022 standards, ensuring safety and compliance in electrical installations.

The Noark Ex9BP-N2P series is not just a DC circuit breaker but a commitment to safety and efficiency in solar power management. Whether you're setting up a solar switch for your boat, caravan, RV, off-grid home, or embarking on an industrial solar project, this circuit breaker is engineered to meet your needs with precision and reliability.

Electrical Specifications

  • Rated insulation voltage (V DC) Ui - 1000
  • Rated impulse voltage (kV) Uimp - 4
  • Ultimate breaking capacity (kA) Icu - 6
  • Curve - type K
  • Tripping type - Thermal magnetic type
  • Service Life - Mechanical Actual Value - 20000
  • Service Life - Standard Value - 8500
  • Service Life - Electrical Actual Value - 10000
  • Service Life - Standard Value - 1500
  • Conductor size (mm2 ) - 1~35mm2
  • Temperature (o C) - -20 to +70