Victron Cat5e RJ45 UTP Ethernet Patch Cable: High-Quality Data Connectivity for Victron Devices

Enhance your Victron energy system's connectivity with the Victron Cat5e RJ45 UTP Ethernet Patch Cable, designed for seamless and high-quality data transmission. This durable cable is essential for integrating various Victron devices within your energy setup, ensuring reliable and efficient communication.

Versatile and Reliable Connection Options:

  • Digital Multi Control: Connect and manage your Victron power system with ease.
  • Phoenix Inverter Control: Ensure smooth operation and control of your Phoenix Inverter.
  • Interface MK3-USB: Facilitate secure connections between your Victron devices and computer systems.
  • VE.Bus Integration: Link multiple VE.Bus devices for a unified and efficient energy network.
  • VE.Bus and VE.Can Connectivity: Connect to a GX device such as a Cerbo or Ekrano to centralize control and monitoring of your Victron energy system.

Ideal for both new installations and system upgrades, the Victron Cat5e RJ45 UTP Ethernet Patch Cable is a must-have for optimizing the performance and reliability of your Victron energy solutions.


5 years