For use with the REC 2Q BMS, Link to 2Q BMS.  This cable is manufactured by REC and is 10metres long.  If you need a custom length or custom pin-out please call or let us know at as home made cables are all to frequently problematic and we will only provide tech support for CAN Bus connection issues if you are using either this REC CAN Bus cable or a custom cable that we assemble and supply. 

Included: Cable with Weipu SP13 connector to connect to REC BMS & RJ45 to connect to SMA, Growatt and many other hybrid inverters

RJ45 Pinout:

Pin 2 = GND

Pin 4 = CAN-H

Pin 5 = CAN-L

Pins: 1, 3, 6, 7 & 8:  No connection