Victron 80A Midi/AMI Fuse: Precision Protection for Your Electrical Systems

Safeguard your electrical systems with Victron Midi/AMI fuses. These compact yet powerful devices are specifically designed to protect electrical circuits in 32V (12V & 24V) systems, providing reliable operation and efficient current limitation.

Versitile Range

Victron Midi/AMI fuses come in a range of amperages from 60A to 200A (32V) and 30A to 100A (58V), ensuring the right fit for various applications. Notable for their low voltage drop and cold resistance, these fuses ensure your system operates optimally while being protected from potential harm.

The fuses are engineered to withstand demanding conditions, maintaining stable operation and robust protection under various electrical stresses. Their compact size allows for easy integration into existing setups, making them a practical choice for diverse electrical applications.

Choose Victron Midi/AMI fuses for dependable protection of your electrical circuits. Experience the blend of precision, quality, and reliability that only Victron can deliver.


32V Range

Fuse Type Approximate Voltage Drop Cold Resistance
MIDI fuse 60A/32V 50 mV 0.55 mΩ
MIDI fuse 80A/32V 55 mV 0.40 mΩ
MIDI fuse 100A/32V 60 mV 0.45 mΩ
MIDI fuse 125A/32V 60 mV 0.30 mΩ
MIDI fuse 150A/32V 80 mV 0.30 mΩ
MIDI fuse 200A/32V 80 mV 0.25 mΩ

58V Range

Fuse Type Approximate Voltage Drop Cold Resistance
MIDI fuse 30A/58V 65 mV 1.35 mΩ
MIDI fuse 40A/58V 68 mV 1.10 mΩ
MIDI fuse 50A/58V 70 mV 0.90 mΩ
MIDI fuse 60A/58V 70 mV 0.9 mΩ
MIDI fuse 80A/58V 72 mV 0.60 mΩ
MIDI fuse 100A/58V 70 mV 0.45 mΩ