Victron 125A MEGA/AMG Fuse - Efficient and Reliable Overcurrent Protection

Upgrade your electrical system's safety with Victron MEGA/AMG Fuses, specifically designed to offer superior overcurrent protection. Engineered for 32V systems, these fuses are ideal for ensuring your circuit's optimal performance while preventing potential short-circuits and overloads.

Versatile Range

With ratings ranging from 60A to 500A for 32V (12V & 24V) systems and 125A to 300A for 58V (48V) systems, you can find the perfect fuse for your unique electrical requirements. Each fuse is meticulously designed to provide an approximate voltage drop and cold resistance value, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

Superior Performance

Designed for resilience, Victron MEGA/AMG Fuses provide a high degree of current limitation, protecting your equipment from damaging short-circuit events. The voltage drop and cold resistance values are optimized to deliver maximum performance, making these fuses a dependable choice for your electrical system.

Trust in Victron

With Victron's reputation for quality and innovation, you can trust in the performance and durability of these MEGA/AMG fuses. Equip your electrical system with Victron's fuses to ensure superior circuit protection and maintain your system's operational integrity.


Fuse Rating Appr. Voltage Drop Cold Resistance
MEGA fuse 60A/32V 60A/32V 120 mV 1.5 mΩ
MEGA fuse 80A/32V 80A/32V 90 mV 0.7 mΩ
MEGA fuse 100A/32V 100A/32V 90 mV 0.6 mΩ
MEGA fuse 125A/32V 125A/32V 90 mV 0.4 mΩ
MEGA fuse 150A/32V 150A/32V 90 mV 0.35 mΩ
MEGA fuse 175A/32V 175A/32V 90 mV 0.3 mΩ
MEGA fuse 200A/32V 200A/32V 80 mV 0.25 mΩ
MEGA fuse 225A/32V 225A/32V 80 mV 0.22 mΩ
MEGA fuse 250A/32V 250A/32V 80 mV 0.2 mΩ
MEGA fuse 300A/32V 300A/32V 80 mV 0.17 mΩ
MEGA fuse 400A/32V 400A/32V 70 mV 0.13 mΩ
MEGA fuse 500A/32V 500A/32V 70 mV 0.1 mΩ
MEGA fuse 125A/58V 125A/58V 90 mV 0.4 mΩ
MEGA fuse 200A/58V 200A/58V 80 mV 0.25 mΩ
MEGA fuse 250A/58V 250A/58V 80 mV 0.2 mΩ
MEGA fuse 300A/58V 300A/58V 80 mV 0.17 mΩ