The Victron Fuse CNN 325A/80V for Lynx Shunt is a robust and reliable component designed for high-performance electrical systems. This 325-ampere, 80-volt fuse is specifically tailored for use with the Lynx Shunt system, a key part of Victron Energy's modular power management solutions.

Key Features:

  1. High Amperage Rating (325A): This ensures the fuse can handle substantial currents, making it suitable for systems with high power demands.

  2. Voltage Compatibility (80V): Optimized for systems operating up to 80 volts, the fuse is versatile for various applications in both mobile and stationary settings.

  3. Precision Engineering: Manufactured with Victron's renowned quality standards, this fuse offers reliability and durability, minimizing the risk of unexpected power interruptions.

  4. Easy Integration with Lynx Shunt: Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Lynx Shunt, this fuse provides a key safety component in the Victron power management ecosystem.

  5. Safety and Protection: It safeguards your electrical system against overcurrents and short circuits, ensuring both the longevity of your equipment and safety of the setup.

  6. Compact and Robust Design: Its compact size allows for easy installation in limited spaces, while its robust construction ensures it withstands harsh environments.

  7. Wide Application Range: Ideal for marine, automotive, off-grid, and renewable energy installations, offering flexibility across various applications.

This fuse is an essential component for anyone looking to secure their high-powered electrical systems, especially those using Victron Energy's advanced power solutions. Whether you're outfitting a yacht, an RV, or a remote power system, the Victron Fuse CNN 325A/80V for Lynx Shunt is a reliable choice for safeguarding your investment.

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