Fixtech Fix8 Transparent: High Modulus Structural Silicone Sealant for Architectural Excellence

Premium Quality and Durable Sealant for Glazing and Structural Bonding

Fix8 Transparent stands out as an architectural-grade, single-component, high modulus structural silicone sealant. This neutral-cure sealant boasts exceptional physical properties, making it perfect for a wide range of sealing and structural bonding tasks, particularly in glazing applications involving metal, aluminium, Corian®, most plastics, and fibreglass substrates.

Key Features:

  • Primerless Adhesion: Effective on most substrates, excluding Teflon, PE, and PP.
  • Exceptional UV Resistance: Ensures longevity and durability under sun exposure.
  • Superior Filling Capacities: Ideal for various sealing requirements.
  • Neutral Cure and Colour Fast: Maintains stability and appearance over time.
  • Long-Lasting Weather Resistance: Offers up to 20 years of superior weather resistance.
  • Compatibility with Other Sealants: Ensures versatile application possibilities.
  • Permanently Elastic: Maintains flexibility, adapting to structural movements.
  • Marine Exposure Suitability: Perfect for applications exposed to marine environments.

Diverse Applications in Construction and Transportation:

Fix8 Transparent is ideally suited for the installation of glass windows, sealing roof constructions, and bonding in the automotive industry. It excels in mounting and sealing window frames, bonding and sealing coachwork within the transportation industry, and attaching flexible solar panels, making it a versatile choice for professionals.

Special Remarks for Optimal Use:

  • Fix8 Transparent is not suitable for overpainting.
  • Potential discoloration with age under specific conditions.
  • Chemically neutral (pH=7), ensuring safety and compatibility.
  • Wide substrate applicability; however, compatibility tests are recommended due to varying substrate properties.

Choose Fix8 Transparent for Architectural Integrity and Performance:

Whether for glass curtain wall construction, weatherproofing applications, or structural tasks in challenging environments, Fix8 Transparent delivers top-tier performance and reliability. Its blend of flexibility, durability, and resistance to environmental factors positions it as a leading choice in the architectural, automotive, and transportation industries.


Characteristic Specification
Base Silicone
Consistency Paste
Curing System Moisture Cure
Skin Formation 30 minutes (23°C & 50% R.H)
Tack Free Time 3 hours (23°C & 50% R.H)
Curing Rate 3mm/24 Hrs
Density 1.34 g/cm³
Shrink 3%
Elongation 300%
Hardness (Shore A) 40±5
Tensile Strength >1.0 MPa (ISO8339)
Shear Strength > 1.0 MPa
Movement Capability 25%

Application Details

  • Method:
    • Manual or pneumatic caulking gun
  • Application Temperature:
    • +4°C to 40°C
  • Tooling:
    • Mild diluted soapy solution applied before skin formation

Joint Dimensions

  • Minimal Width:
    • 5mm
  • Maximum Width:
    • 30mm
  • Minimum Depth:
    • 5mm
  • Recommendation:
    • Width of joint = 2 times the depth