Protect Your Connections with Exotronic High-Quality Rubber MC4 Sealing and Dust Caps

Ensure the durability and safety of your electrical connections with Exotronic's MC4 Compatible Sealing and Dust Caps. Designed to seamlessly fit and seal off MC4 connectors, these caps are an essential accessory for any photovoltaic system, safeguarding against dust, debris, and water ingress when the connectors are not engaged.


  • Universal Compatibility: Perfectly sized for standard MC4 connectors, these sealing caps offer a universal fit for your solar panel connectors.
  • Enhanced Protection: Crafted from high-grade rubber, these caps provide a robust seal, preserving the integrity of your connectors in various environmental conditions.
  • Convenient Design: Each cap features a strategically placed hole, allowing for secure attachment to your cable or connector, ensuring the caps remain attached and are easily accessible when needed.
  • Long-Lasting Material: The durable rubber construction withstands extensive use and exposure, maintaining flexibility and protection.


  • Prevent Short Circuits: By keeping your connectors free from debris, these caps help in preventing potential short circuits.
  • Easy to Use: The caps can be quickly applied or removed, ensuring a hassle-free experience while maintaining or inspecting your system.
  • Secure Attachment: The included tie-off feature means you'll never lose a cap, even in windy or turbulent conditions.
  • Maintenance-Free: Once installed, these caps require no maintenance, providing peace of mind and reliability.

Whether you are a solar energy professional or a DIY enthusiast, Exotronic's MC4 Sealing and Dust Caps are the ideal choice for preserving your investment and ensuring optimal performance of your solar panels. Add these to your toolkit and enjoy a secure, clean, and efficient energy system.