13mm ID Split Tube Flexible Conduit Black for Cable Protection

Versatile Cable Management Solution

Introducing our Split Tube Flexible Conduit in black, an ideal solution for efficient and neat wire harnessing. This split corrugated conduit is perfect for a wide range of applications where flexible protection is essential, such as in cable connections between cabinets and instruments mounted on hinged cabinet doors.

Durable and Flame Retardant Material

Crafted from high-quality, flame retardant polypropylene copolymer, this conduit ensures durability and safety. Its robust construction is designed to withstand the demands of various environments, making it a reliable choice for protecting your cables.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

With an operating temperature range of -10 to +90 degrees Celsius, this flexible conduit is suitable for a multitude of settings. Whether in a cold storage area or a high-temperature environment, it maintains its integrity and protective qualities.

RoHS Compliant for Environmental Safety

Our commitment to environmental safety is evident as this ID Split Tube Flexible Conduit is RoHS compliant. This certification ensures that the conduit is free from harmful substances, making it a safe choice for both users and the environment.

Key Features:

  • Size: Various Inside Diameter (ID) sizes, perfect for a variety of cable sizes.
  • Material: Durable black polypropylene copolymer, flame retardant for added safety.
  • Temperature Range: Operates effectively in temperatures from -10 to +90 degrees Celsius.
  • Compliance: Meets RoHS standards, ensuring environmental safety and user health.
  • Application Versatility: Ideal for wire harnessing in movable cabinet doors and various other applications requiring flexible cable protection.

Ideal for Automotive and Van Wiring Systems

Our Split Tube Flexible Conduit is an excellent choice for automotive and van wiring systems. Its robust and flexible design provides superior wire protection in vehicles, safeguarding against wear and tear, vibrations, and environmental factors. Whether it's for custom car builds, van conversions, or routine vehicle maintenance, this conduit ensures a secure and organized wiring setup. Its easy installation and adaptability make it a go-to solution for automotive electricians and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Enhance your cable management system with our Split Tube Flexible Conduit, combining durability, flexibility, and safety in one product.