Connects the CAN Bus from the REC 2Q BMS to the Wakespeed WS500 alternator regulator

The cable is manufactured by REC and modified by Solar 4 RVs (we replace the RJ45 with Victron pin-out with a new RJ45 connectior with WS500 pinout).  If you need a custom length or other customisation please contact Solar 4 RVs as cables made by REC, Wakespeed or ourselves reduces the risk of cables causing unreliable connections in your system. Different pin-outs and cross-overs frequently confuse installers so it is best to get Solar 4 RVs to supply standard or custom cables.

The CAN Bus terminator for the WS500 is manufactured by Wakespeed.


  1. 3metre cable with Weipu SP13 connector and RJ45 connector
  2. CAN Bus terminator for WS500

WS500 CAN Bus RJ45 Pinout:

Pins: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6:  No connection

Pin 3 = GND

Pin 7 = CAN-H

Pin 8 = CAN-L