Exotronic Bulkhead (Panel Mount) MC4 Compatible Connector Pair

Introducing the Exotronic Bulkhead (Panel Mount) MC4 Compatible Connector Pair: Your Essential Solution for Secure Solar Panel Integration

Elevate your solar panel setup with the Exotronic Bulkhead (Panel Mount) MC4 Compatible Connector Pair, designed to provide a seamless and secure connection through panel mounts. Tailored to cater to a diverse range of solar power systems, from compact RV configurations to expansive off-grid solar arrays, these connectors are the cornerstone of reliable solar panel integration.

Robust Weather-Resistant Construction for Continuous Energy Flow

Crafted to withstand the elements, these connectors boast an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply even under adverse weather conditions. With a high withstand voltage of DC 1000V, they are versatile for various solar applications. The connectors are made from premium tinned copper, offering exceptional conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

Engineered for Durability with High-Quality Materials

Utilizing PC/PPO for insulation, these connectors are built to last, while the tin-plated copper alloy ensures a dependable and enduring connection. Efficient across a temperature spectrum of –40°C to +90°C, they are adaptable to diverse environmental conditions.

Innovative Safety Features for Secure Solar Installations

Prioritizing safety and reliability, the Exotronic Bulkhead Connectors feature a snap-in locking mechanism for a firm attachment and boast a low contact resistance of 0.5mΩ. Adhering to the UL94-V0 flame class standard and capable of handling currents up to 30A, these connectors accommodate various wire sizes, offering versatility for all your solar energy requirements.

Opt for the Exotronic Bulkhead (Panel Mount) MC4 Compatible Connector Pair for flawless solar panel integration, ensuring your setup is connected securely, efficiently, and with the utmost reliability.


Specification Details
Waterproof and Dustproof (Mated) IP67
Waterproof and Dustproof (Unmated) IP2X
Rated Voltage 1000V DC (IEC)
Contact Material Tinned Copper
Insulation Material PC/PPO
Contact Material Copper Alloy, Tin Plated
Temperature Range –40°C to +90°C (IEC)
Upper Temperature Limit +105°C (IEC)
Degree of Protection (Mated) IP67
Degree of Protection (Unmated) IP2X
Flame Class UL94-V0
Locking System Snap-in
Contact Resistance of Plug Connectors 0.5mΩ
Safety Class II
Test Voltage 6kV (50Hz, 1min)
Salt Mist Spray Test, Severity Degree 5 (according to IEC 60068-2-52)
Rated Current 17A (1.5mm²), 22A (2.5mm²; 14AWG), 30A (4mm², 6mm²; 12AWG, 10AWG)
Connector System Ø 4 mm